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TS story

"Promises for 2020"Today and Tomorrow of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority

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  • Mun Jiae : Where are you going now? What mode of transport do you use?
  • Oh Sangjin : Car, train, airplane….Transportation is essential to modern life, or rather life itself.
  • Mun Jiae : There are people keeping the value.
  • Oh Sangjin : Let's meet them now.
  • Promises for 2020, Today and Tomorrow of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • [Bridge]
    - Automobile safety enhancement
    - Automobile inspection service
    - Traffic safety research
    - Management of transportation companies and drivers
    - Railway safety
    - Aviation safety
  • Mun Jiae : Have you ever thought about whether your car is safe?
  • Oh Sangjin : It is TS that is more worried about this issue than I am. Driving test sites are the starting point.
  • Voice actors : TS designs and manages traffic safety. The Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute tests whether motor vehicles are safe in a car crash and rollover, or there is a fatal defect affecting safe driving. Depending on the results, actions like a recall are taken.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Automobile safety research
    - Korean New Car Assessment Program (KNCAP)
    - Recall investigation
  • Oh Sangjin : Ms. Ji-Ae Moon, do you have your car inspected?
  • Mun Jiae : Of course, I do. But I don't know what kind of inspections are going on.
  • Oh Sangjin : They are inspecting whether there is an illegal structural modification or there is a risk for accidents.
  • Mun Jiae : Aha, I see.
  • Voice actors : TS prevents accidents in advance through vehicle inspection. In particular, it inspects the fuel storage tanks of CNG vehicles and protects air quality from emissions. It also operates moving inspection center to provide citizens with enhanced services and established an integrated vehicle safety management system.
  • [Subtitle]
    - CNG vehicles’ pressure vessel inspection
    - Vehicle inspection (safety and exhaust gas)
    - Moving inspection center
  • Mun Jiae : The safety of the vehicles I’m using is important. But, what's more important is safe driving of drivers.
  • Voice actors : TS conducts traffic safety research, establishes plans for traffic safety and leads transport policies to provide a safe and convenient transport service to more people.
  • Voice actors : TS prevents major traffic accidents and ensures citizens' safe use of public transportation by analyzing driving records of commercial vehicles, researching traffic accidents, driving behavior, public transportation use, etc., managing the safety of taxi and bus, and conducting qualification tests for drivers of commercial vehicles and driver training on the road.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Traffic safety management of transportation companies
    - Qualification tests for bus and truck drivers
    - Research and education on safe driving experiences
  • Voice actors : The TS also manages the safety of railroads including high-speed railways and subways. It ensures the safety of citizens through a comprehensive safety testing, information management, a railway driver's license test.
  • Voice actors : Besides, TS conducts qualification tests for pilots and ensures safe and efficient flight operations by implementing a safety certification inspection and safety management certification system for lightweight aircraft.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Comprehensive testing of railway safety / Management of railway safety information
    - Railway driver's license test
    - Qualification test for pilots
    - Aviation safety research
  • Mun Jiae : Even advanced countries do not have an agency like TS, which manages the safety of all modes of transport including road, rail, aviation, etc.
  • Oh Sangjin : TS is preparing the traffic safety of tomorrow as well as today while continuing the integrated management of traffic safety.
  • [브릿지]
    - Build an eco-friendly transportation infrastructure.
    - Conduct a project to reduce greenhouse gases
    - Manage the safety of future modes of transportation
    - Manage future automobiles
  • Voice actors : TS is working to establish a culture of eco-driving. Also, it provides an integrated traffic information service in real time and builds an IT-converged emergency rescue system.
  • Voice actors : It operates a green transport point system that provides points depending on the amount of carbon emissions citizens reduce by using smart phone applications. Besides, it leads a culture of green transport for tomorrow by stepping up the effort to study future modes of transport.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Build an eco-friendly transport infrastructure
    - Establish an IT-converged emergency rescue system
    - Operate a green transport point system
    - Develop a greenhouse gas emission factor in the transportation sector and estimate emissions
    - Test-drive electric vehicles and enhance their safety for commercialization.
  • Mun Jiae : I thought that technological advancement would reduce work for TS.
  • Oh Sangjin : Rather, TS will have more work to do.
  • Mun Jiae : Yeah, right.
  • [브릿지]
    - Culture of Integrity
    - Win-Win Growth
    - Social Contribution
    - Customer Satisfaction
  • Voice actors : TS practices corporate social responsibility. It provides all kinds of support fund for the families of traffic accident victims at the low-income level and various educational and cultural opportunities to students. In addition, it is constructing a rehabilitation hospital to minimize damage from car accidents.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Support traffic accident victims (bereaved children, tuition fees, subsidies, rehabilitation)
    - Construct a rehabilitation hospital for traffic accident victims
  • Voice actors : The history of TS shows the transformation process of Korea into one of the advanced countries in transport culture.

    대한민국 교통안전수준 2011년 30위 / 2020 10위

  • Voice actors : Now, TS will works hard to achieve the dream of entering Top 10 in the world in traffic safety by 2020.
  • [Subtitle]
    - Culture of Integrity, Win-Win Growth, Customer Satisfaction
  • Mun Jiae : Transportation is often associated with something dry and mechanical, but it is really dynamic and vibrant like blood in circulation.
  • Oh Sangjin : Yeah, right. That is the power that moves our society and nation forward. In this regard, TS is our society’s real….
  • Mun Jiae : real driving force?
  • Mun Jiae,Oh Sangjin : Hahahaha.
  • Voice actors : TS is and will be working hard today and tomorrow with the best tranasportation safety service to make the people safe and happy.
  • The Korea Transportation Safety Authority