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  1. KATRI
  2. New Car Assessment Program

New Car Assessment Program

About NCAP

To provide customers with broader selection and induce car manufacturers to produce safer vehicles, KOTSA assesses the safety of vehicles with collision test and other important tests and discloses the results to the public under this program.

※ NCAP : New Car Assessment Program

  • Execution of
    NCAP Provision of Information
    on Vehicle Safety

    • Car Manufacturer Inducing the Manufacture
      of Safer Vehicles

    • Car Consumer Reference in Purchasing
      Cars, Advocacy of Safety

  • Strengthening

Reduction in Damage by Car Accicent and
Refuction in Cost of Social Responsibility
With the Supply of More Safe

The government has conducted NCAP and published its results to induce car manufacturers to make safer vehicles and to reduce loss of human lives by assessing the safety of vehicles through collision test and other tests and providing the information to customers under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation since 1999.

What is NCAP?


The overlapped target mark of the KNCAP symbol represents the strong belief in care and effort for well-prepared tests. In addition, the three-dimensional KNCAP symbol expresses three-dimensional approaches to the safety tests. The yellow and black colors are associated with the target mark of the tests and safety of KNCAP. The inclined KNCAP characters remind one of the vision of speed. thus, this means the trust of KNCAP and safety with regard to vehicles.

Safety Test Result