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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Road Safety
  3. Truck Drivers' Driving Qualification Management

Truck Drivers' Driving Qualification Management


The purpose of this qualification process is to contribute to the improvement of transportation service and safe driving and to promote the sound growth of the cargo truck transportation industry.

Qualification exam

  • Qualification for application
    • - Driver's license: persons with type 1 driver's license (one-year experience driving commercial vehicles or at leastthree-years’ experience as a driver of a vehicle for private use)
    • - Age: 21 years or older
    • - Person who meets the standards of the close driving examination (new, special)
    • - Persons who do not fall under the reasons for disqualification specified in the Article 9-2 of the Cargo TruckTransportation Law
  • Questions and time (80 questions, 100 minutes)
    • - Part 1: Relevant regulations, how to handle cargo (40 questions, 50 minutes)
    • - Part 2: Safety driving, transportation service (40 questions, 50 minutes)Successful applicants: Applicants score 60 percent or higher
      Training for successful applicants
    • - Subjects: Applicants who have successfully completed the qualification exam for persons working in cargo trucktransportation.
    • - Training Schedule: Successful applicants will be notified individually concerning the date and location
    • - Time: 8 hours per day


  • Qualification Examination

  • Course Work

  • Issue Certificate