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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Railroad Safety
  3. Dissemination of Railroad Safety Knowledge

Dissemination of Railroad Safety Knowledge


The purpose is to enhance the public's knowledge of railroad safety such as guiding railroad workers in improving their professionalism, educating the public, and promoting railroad safety, as well as conducting research and studies for better public awareness of railroad safety.


  • Develop and disseminate railroad safety e-learning contents for railroad workers
  • Develop digital contents to implement mandatory safety training for railroad workers
  • International Expert Training on Railroad Safety
    - Professional lectures given by instructors from international agencies, specializing in railroad safety who deliver the latest technology and knowledge to railroad safety personnel who are involved in the inspection and management of railroad accidents and safety.
  • Railroad Safety Workshop
    - Seek mutual cooperation between the relevant agencies and raise the effectiveness of railroad safety management in Korea
  • Survey and Research on Railroad Safety
    - Present plans to increase the effectiveness of railroad safety management through various surveys and studies on railroad safety
  • Evaluating the quality of railroad services
    - Conduct a mandatory evaluation concerning the quality of railroad services every other year as stipulated in the Framework Act on Rail Industry Development and the Railroad Business Act
  • Establishment of a Railroad Safety Experience Center
    - Provide the public and railroad workers with hands-on experiences wherein they will learn how to take emergency measures when a railroad accident or an emergency situation occurs, and enhance their knowledge and awareness of railroad safety through various activities and information on railroad safety.