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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Road Safety
  3. Traffic Safety Manager's Qualification Management

Traffic Safety Manager's Qualification Management


The purpose is to contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents in advance and to protect people's lives and property by qualifying persons who possess road safety related expertise and techniques, and assigning them to road safety work.

Qualification examination

  • Subject areas and test implementation
    • - Qualification areas (6 areas): roads, ships, harbor loading and unloading, aviation, railroad, and cableways
    • - Test frequency: once every 2 years (biennial test)
  • Tasks of a Road Safety Manager
    • - Establish plans related to road safety management
    • - Guide and supervise safety inspections before/after driving and operation
    • - Take the necessary actions for safe driving or operation according to the road/track/route/weather conditions.
    • - Monitor the driving or operating behaviors of workers engaged in transportation.
    • - Guide and supervise safe driving and operation
    • - Conduct road safety training and prevent the excessive labor of related personnel
    • - Survey and analyze the causes of traffic accidents and record statistics
    • - Take other necessary traffic accident/preventive measures

Procedure for acquiring qualification

  • Written test

    Persons who take the training that can exempt them from the written test

  • Interview

  • Issue Certificate