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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Road Safety
  3. Public Transportation Policy Evaluation

Public Transportation Policy Evaluation


The purpose is to foster and support local governments systematically to promote the efficiency of their public transportation system and the convenience of service users.


  • Period
    • - The evaluation on the local government's public transportation policies is applied based on 2007.
    • - Document evaluation: Evaluate the local governments' policies and current status of public transportation(as of 2006).
    • - Field survey: A field survey shall be conducted over a period of 3 days or so for each local government to check thecontents of the document evaluation.
    • - Survey on the level of satisfaction: Survey the level of satisfaction of public transportation users with each localgovernment's public transportation policies as of 2007
    • - Period to conduct evaluation: May
    • - September 2007
    Article 17 of the Act
    • Establish and implement local public transportation plans and action plans for each year
    • Ratio of sharing public transportation
    • Expand and repair public transportation facilities
    • Link between public transportation methods, link public transportation methods to facilities.
    • Informatize public transportation
    • Level of public transportation service
    • Enhance the competitiveness of public transportation
    • Other tasks to foster and promote the public transportation service designated by the Ordinance of the President.
    Article 19 of the
    • Promote the use and compatibility of transportation cards
    • Expand the number of exclusive lanes for buses and promote effective operation
    • Increase the level of accessibility to public transportation facilities
    • Promote the local governments' financial investment in public transportation
    • Manage transportation demands according to Article 15 of the 「Act on the Promotion of City Transportation Maintenance」
    • Increase convenience for the minority users of public transportation