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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Railroad Safety
  3. Overall Railroad Safety Audit

Overall Railroad Safety Audit


The purpose of the Safety Inspection is to prevent railroad accidents, inspect and evaluate every two years whether or not railroad operators faithfully adhere to the railroad safety guidelines in accordance with the Railroad Safety Law.


  • Major Inspection Items
    • - Areas where accidents or obstacles occur or are expected to occur frequently
    • - Whether or not the railroad safety regulations or the organizational rules are being observed
    • - Whether or not the action plan for each year, safety management regulations and emergency counter plans are being fulfilled
  • Subjects
    • - Railroad operators or facility administrators
    • - Facility administrators: Korea Rail Network Authority (KR)
  • Major Procedures
    • - Establish an inspection plan: inspection period, inspection schedule, major inspection items
    • - Conduct a preliminary examination: identify the current status of subject organizations and establish inspection directions
    • - Conduct a comprehensive safety inspection: conduct a fair, objective inspection according to the inspection checklist
    • - Submit the inspection report: Submit the report to the inspection evaluation committee of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation
    • - Evaluate the inspection results: Issue improvement orders, praise and reward exemplary cases
    • - Take the necessary measures according to the inspection results: Order railroad operators to make improvements and report the improvement results after taking appropriate measures.

Performance of the 2006 comprehensive railroad safety inspection

Performance of the 2006 comprehensive railroad safety inspection
Daegu Metropolitan Subway Corporation KORAIL KRNA POSCO
March (13 days) April~July (42 days) September (20 days) October (5 days)