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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Road Safety
  3. Public Transportation Investigation and Evaluation

Public Transportation Investigation and Evaluation


The survey on the current status of public transportation provides the government and local governments with fundamental information that can help them to establish effective policies for fostering and supporting public transportation as well as expand and improve the methods and facilities of public transportation. The evaluation on management and service is conducted for the management state of public transportation operators and the service they provide for the purpose of systematic support to foster and improve the public transportation service.


Major diagnosis subjects
Current status of drivers and support facilities, management of drivers who cause accidents, validity of vehicle structure and equipment, establishment and execution of road safety plans, and cause analysis of traffic accidents
Criteria for selecting companies subject to diagnosis

  • Survey on the current status of public transportation
    • - Scope of contents: Social and economic indications related to public transportation, management conditions of publictransportation operators, current status of public transportation methods and facilities
    • - Place: Special cities, metropolitan cities, cities and counties that need to establish local public transportation plans(excluding counties in or around metropolitan cities)
    • - Time: Once a year
  • Evaluation of management and service
    • - Scope of contents: Items designated by Article 18 of the 「Act on Fostering and Promoting Public Transportation」 andArticle 22, Paragraph 4 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the aforementioned Act.
    • - Place
  • Subject to evaluation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
    - Transportation: 24 companies (railroad 13, express bus 11)
  • Subject to evaluation by cities and provinces: 852 companies (local/cross-country bus, bus terminal)
    - Time: Every other year


  • Survey on the current status of public transportation
    • Performance
      Survey Item Scope of Survey
      6 162 cities nationwide
    • Provide basic information to the government and local governments to establish effective polices for promotion. Use and facilitation of public transportation.

  • Evaluation of Management and service
    • Performance
      Evaluation Item Evaluation Performance
      6 852 companies
    • Secure supporting evidence of comprehensive financial resource for public transportation and lead service improvement